Dating a woman who has trust issues

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I've been dating this 24 year old girl for two months who just got out of a two year relationship and still talks to her obsessive stalker ex.

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She told me earlier on she was not ready for a serious relationship, and we both agreed to keep dating other people.

Loving a Broken <b>Woman</b> Eileen Ellrodt Pulse LinkedIn

Loving a Broken Woman Eileen Ellrodt Pulse LinkedIn

She has stayed overnht at my place a few times since then, but is very shy about sex (she made her ex wait 6 months and insisted I get an STD test and show her the printout) so I haven't been able to close the deal despite getting her completely naked a couple of times while giving her erotic massages and doing a decent amount of kissing and cuddling. She acts like it when we are alone together, but is slow to agree to dates or answer the phone when we are apart.

Can You Have a Successful Relationship With Trust Issues.

My questions: -How do I handle her stopping me whenever I start to touch her pussy or take off my underwear? I should add that I was a virgin until my last girlfriend so my foreplay/kissing que mht suck, and this girl also has a medical condition that can make sex painful.

Dating a woman who has trust issues:

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